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The perspective of a fish is a freeing, care-free, feeding way of being, but sometimes it can be a dangerous world in which to live. This animation explores the dangers lurking in the depths - a hierarchical exploration of sea life. Join us on a journey through waters of fish and crawlers, bigger and smaller.


We will implement the project by following a tiered system of modelling and animation. Specific scenes will be modelled, then certain members will animate and set up the scene while other members start creating the models for the next scene. Each member has a specific overviewing role to ensure correctness of each aspect of the animation. Our team wants to make sure that everybody plays a part in every aspect of the animation for learning purposes. For fish, reference photos will be used to properly sculpt the structure of each fish we use. Skeletal rigging and proper use of nurbs will allow us to quickly sculpt and animate models. A tutorial will be followed to properly simulate deep-sea visual effects such as distance fogging, and particle effects will be used for any burst of small bubbles.